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The Spiral GateD&D Insider Article
by Scott Fitzgerald Gray

In the aftermath of the Spellplague, the portal networks that once made Faerûn synonymous with magical power were shattered. With the breaking of the Weave, most of Faerûn’s portals remain inert or unstable, and only the bravest arcanists engage in the dangerous rituals required to bring a dead portal back to life. This adventure centers around three linked and partially functioning portals, the last of which holds power that Netheril seeks. Its power extended into a wide network of gates, but they were shut down by the Spellplague like all other portals. Now the Spiral Gate and its network have been forgotten ... or nearly so. Someone has uncovered lost lore that promises to restore the Spiral Gate to power and leave its network under their control. “The Spiral Gate” is an adventure for five characters of 16th level.

All Faerûn’s fate is being shaped in Netheril. You can hide behind your belief that this is all about other lands, other people, other lives, but in the end, your lands and your people will be caught up in this struggle like all the rest. So decide now. Which side are you on?

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    About the Author

    About the Author Scott Fitzgerald Gray (9th-level layabout, vindictive neutral) started gaming in high school and has worked as a writer and editor much of the time since then. After belatedly realizing he could combine both vocations in 2004, he’s been making up for lost time as a freelance RPG editor and designer, primarily for Wizards of the Coast. He lives in the Canadian hinterland with a schoolteacher, two daughters, and a large number of animal companions.

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