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TorogD&D Insider Article
The King That Crawls
by Brian R. James

Torog is a malicious deity who revels in the pain and suffering of others. His bitterness and contempt for life stems from eons of imprisonment in the Underdark, a realm he resentfully claims as his own. From great torture dens deep beneath the earth, Torog commands legions of twisted, sadistic creatures that are ready to inflict their deity’s will on the world. Though other malign gods have a well-deserved reputation for malevolence and depravity, Torog stands apart if only for his proximity. While his divine fellows scheme upon their astral thrones, the King that Crawls lurks underfoot in the mortal world, capable and willing to directly impact current events. Torog’s assaults on the surface world are legendary and serve as a lasting reminder that he could reach up at any time to smash an unsuspecting city to dust.

More so than any divine being, Torog had been blessed with perfect health. Horrific wounds that would fell greater gods would regenerate and heal over in moments. Yet for all the benefits such fantastic power provided, Torog could feel little pleasure or pain. Feeling aloof and ostracized by his divine peers, Torog sought comfort and solace through his study of pain—insights gained primarily through self experimentation and the vivisection of mortals.

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    About the Author

    Brian R. James lives in the Seattle area with his wife, four children, and house full of geek paraphernalia. His freelance design credits include The Grand History of the Realms, Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead, Dragon Magazine Annual, Underdark, and the forthcoming Demonomicon supplement. Follow Brian online at

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