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Battle in Seattle
Dungeon Editorial
by Chris Youngs

In the spirit of this month’s Dragon editorial, in which I ask readers to tell me their favorite supplements of all time, I proposed doing something similar in Dungeon with adventures. Plus, what better way to ponder gifts for the gamers on your holiday shopping list than think about your—and their—all-time favorites?

But when I brought up the editorial topic with Bart, it kicked off a heated debate. Okay, it wasn’t all that heated. I mean, we live in Seattle. Most debates around here aren’t heated. It’s too wet and gray. What’s the point? Anyway, it got about as heated as an argument between two damp Seattlites can get, which is something like this:

Me: “I think that in the spirit of the Dragon editorial, I’d like to talk about my favorite published adventure of all time. Then I’d like to ask the fans to send in their favorite adventures.

Bart: “Uh huh.”

Me: “Since we’re also releasing "Touch of Madness", which is an updated 3E adventure, it would be cool to see what other adventure folks would want to see an update or spin-off of, especially if they’re old Dungeon adventures.”

Bart: “Oh, no question. Tomb of Horrors. That’s everyone’s favorite. Dumbass.”

Me: “Hey, no need for the name calling. That’s just mean. Are you sure?”

Bart: “Of course I’m sure. Everyone knows Tomb of Horrors would win. I’d put money on it.”

Me: “What about Against the Giants? Or Vault of the Drow? Or any of the Temples of Elemental Evil? People love those. I think #1 would be Against the Giants.”

Bart: “Alas, you’re so stupid. And ugly. And did I mention stupid? Tomb of Horrors for the win.”

Me: “Whatever. Jerk. And I’ll take your bet. They usual?”

Bart: “Your dollar is as good as mine.”

And that’s about where it ended. Okay, okay—I may have taken some liberties with the dialog. Bart may not be that much of an ass (“may” being the operative word). And we’re clearly big spenders here on the staff of D&D Insider. But you get the idea.

“Touch of Madness” was conceived over a year ago as a 4th Edition adventure, before we really knew what 4th Edition adventures would look like. We had broad ideas (bigger encounter areas, more varied monsters, and we knew they’d be easier to run), but that’s it. Rob then reverse engineered it to be a 3E adventure, then updated it to 4th Edition. Confusing, I know.

In any event, I’m happy with the result, as well as with the culmination of the heroic tier of Scales of War. “The Temple Between” is pretty crazy, and we finally pull back the curtain on one of the major villains of the campaign in this one. Only one more week and it’ll be available.

But until then, solve our debate. Let us know which published adventure from previous editions is your favorite of all time. If your favorite is a Dungeon adventure, all the better. In fact, if you have a favorite print and a favorite Dungeon adventure, vote below or send in your favorite to We’d love to hear from you! And I’d love it if you can make me a dollar richer … and make Bart eat his words. Not that I’m trying to skew the results…

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