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Introductions, Again
Dungeon Editorial
by Steve Winter

"There's a new sheriff in town, and he's not entirely sane."

That's how Chris Perkins summed up the change on the magazines in our team meeting a few weeks ago, and I rather like it. Not because I agree on the sanity thing—I'm completely normal, from my perspective—but because a unique strain of insanity is needed to tackle a job like editor-in-chief over Dragon and Dungeon magazines. In that light, I see Chris's pronouncement as a testimonial to a certain qualification for the job.

D&D has been my career, and I've been around long enough for that to mean something, I suppose. After a short stint as a newspaper reporter, I started working at TSR as an editor in 1981, and I've been publishing D&D one way or another ever since as an editor, developer, designer, lead editor, managing editor, and creative director.

Of the countless projects I worked on at TSR, the ones I'm most proud of are AD&D 2nd Edition (as one of three leads, alongside Dave "Zeb" Cook and Jon Pickens); Marvel Super Heroes (as co-creator with designer Jeff Grubb); the original Oriental Adventures and Spelljammer (as editor/developer); epic adventures such as Night Below and Dragon Mountain, and two of the best campaign settings ever, Al Qadim and Dark Sun (as creative director).

When TSR moved to Seattle, it was finally time for me to move on to something new. It turned out to be website production . . . which led me right back to Wizards of the Coast as a web consultant for the Harry Potter card game, Avalon Hill games, D&D Miniatures, and—wait for it—D&D.

So aside from a few years off in the late '90s when I was learning a new craft, I've been up to my pauldrons in D&D. I've been honored to work with some of the top talents this industry has to offer, and the current crew, I'm happy to say, is among the best of the best.

One of the few things I've never done in those 29 years of D&D is publish Dragon and Dungeon magazines. It must be true that all good things come to those who wait.

Over the last several years, I've had a blast working with and learning the magazine business from Messrs. Youngs and Perkins. Thanks to Chris Youngs, the magazines are a smoothly-purring machine pointed up an exciting road. Happily, I'll get to continue working with Chris and Chris even when they're not involved in day-to-day magazine production.

For that, I'll still be laboring alongside Bart Carroll and Jon Schindehette, two of the best teammates a guy could want. Then there are our regular contributors, a stable of up-and-coming writers, the whole RPG R&D crew, and typesetters and illustrators and cartographers. Dragon and Dungeon couldn't happen without a host of people pulling together, and I'm every bit as thrilled to be one of them now as I was when I walked through TSR's front door in 1981.


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