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Curses!D&D Insider Article
Unearthed Arcana
By Peter Schaefer

Curses are a traditional element of fantasy stories, legends, and myths. The princess is cursed to sleep until rescued. A titan lashes out with his death curse as he is killed. The devil curses a mortal to spill worms from his mouth if he tries to speak of their bargain. Until the hero can overcome the curse, he or she must struggle beneath its weight. And overcoming the curse can be a quest, or even a career, of its own, with salvation as its goal. The curses in this article are handled much like diseases, but with different effects and very different cures.

You weren’t sure what the spirit of corrupted nature had meant when it promised you that even your allies would come to know you as an enemy. As you strike at your ally with uncontrollable rage, however, it becomes tragically clear.

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    About the Author

    As an RPG developer, Peter Schaefer worked on such books as Adventurer’s Vault 2, The Plane Below, and Player’s Handbook 3, in addition to numerous D&DI articles. But that is only a sideline, as Earth dollars do not pay for the lifestyle of a multiversal delver such as he. The wavefunction manifold alone requires a small power plant to engage. He earns his bread by mapping alternate dimensions in exchange for crystallized terajoules with which he can power his crossworld jaunts.

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