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Gloomwrought's Movers and ShakersD&D Insider Article
Enemies and Allies
by Andy Clautice

The streets of Gloomwrought are unforgiving. Undead prowl the unlit alleys at night, and gargoyles lurk on rooftops, watching for unwary travelers to pick off. If one is to survive in the City of Midnight, he or she needs allies. Even as certain groups such as Midnight’s Own, the Ghost Talon, and Houses Harskel and Carradh vie for control of the city, other individuals and organizations are content to play at neutrality. However, few in Gloomwrought are without motivation, and friends can quickly become enemies when different goals collide.

The following details several key characters in Gloomwrought who can serve as adversaries or allies to adventurers.

About the Author

Andy Clautice has been designing games for over 15 years, but only recently for public consumption. He currently lives in Denver, toiling to bring the latest and greatest to your computer screen.

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