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ShadowbornD&D Insider Article
New Monster Theme
by Erik Scott de Bie

The Shadowfell might echo the mortal world, but its fundamental nature makes it far more dangerous for mortal creatures than their own world is. Here, one breathes in the gloom, and over time it saturates the flesh and the soul. This infection initially manifests as a deep melancholy and a generalized anxiety, but it can grow worse, resulting in insanity and physical degeneration. Such maladies are all too common in the Shadowfell.

Creatures native to the land of shadows are known as shadowborn. Many seem identical to their worldly counterparts, but a good number have characteristics that reflect the influence of their home plane on their minds and bodies.

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    About the Author

    Erik Scott de Bie is a freelance game designer who has worked on such products as the Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond boxed set and the forthcoming Neverwinter Campaign Setting. He also writes fantasy novels in and outside the Forgotten Realms setting. His next novel, Shadowbane, is due out in September 2011.

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