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Battle of the Witchlight HermitageD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of levels 3-5
by Sterling Hershey

“Battle of the Witchlight Hermitage” takes place in the mystical swamps of the Witchlight Fens, located in southern central Nentir Vale. There, the Brackmarsh tribe of the Witchlight lizardfolk is expanding its lands, killing its neighbors or driving them from their meager holdings. The tribe’s next target is the Witchlight Hermitage, a tiny but significant settlement, which the adventurers must defend from a brutal attack that turns out to be more than a lizardfolk land grab.

This adventure uses the swamp map and the Witchlight Lizardfolk section in Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale™. It mentions the Witchlight Fens’ self-proclaimed overlord, the black dragon Shadowmire, although the dragon does not appear in the adventure. Although this is a standalone adventure, you can gain more insight into its backstory by reading the appropriate parts of Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale.

You can adapt the adventure for another campaign by dropping the Brackmarsh lizardfolk’s affiliation with Shadowmire and treating it as a generic, aggressive clan of lizardfolk.

About the Author

Sterling Hershey is an architect and freelance game designer. He was one of the designers of Monster Vault™: Threats to the Nentir Vale™ and contributes to D&D® Insider. Sterling has worked extensively in a galaxy far, far away, designing many Star Wars Roleplaying Game and Star Wars Miniatures game books and products.

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