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Enemies and Allies
By Robert J. Schwalb

One recent arrival to Fallcrest is an unusual young woman named Catseye. She has the adventurer’s look about her, yet she seems content to while away her time in the small shop she runs near the Lower Quays. Who is she? What brought her here? And what, if anything, is she after? These questions and others keep the gossips’ tongues wagging but, if they knew the truth, they would think twice before nosing about.

Catseye pinned the gnome against the wall and held her dagger to his slender throat. The razor-sharp blade inflicted a fresh wound with each nervous swallow. "Oh, little Rat," she said, peering coldly into his wide, staring eyes, "I believe you. I really do. The thing is, you haven’t been much help, have you?"

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