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Nightmare and Worg
Monster Manual Update
Logan Bonner

This article series revisits monsters from the Monster Manual, providing them with additional background and story. In addition, the articles present the monsters in the revised statistics block format that first appeared widely in Monster Manual 3. The monsters have had some minor updates to powers and to some of their statistics, including attack, damage, and defense values. These changes in statistics generally reflect the updates that appear on page 7 in the Dungeon Master’s Guide rules update. This iteration of the article includes the Nightmare and Worg.


Nightmares might look like horses, but their malign intelligence and cruel hearts make them capable of evil no mere beasts would dare. Their flaming manes, tails, nostrils, and hooves make their gaunt black bodies seem to disappear into the blackness of night, giving them a hellish appearance. Common rumor claims that nightmares run so swiftly they can’t be seen. Those who have observed the creatures (and lived to tell of it) speculate that the beasts actually walk through shadows, or perhaps gallop through a space between spaces.

Nightmare (205 Kbs PDF)


Though wild wolves can be dangerous, they’re never as vicious as worgs. These hulking canine beasts ripple with muscle under their coarse fur, and anyone who looks in one’s eyes can see signs of its almost human intelligence. The viciousness of worgs has made them legendary, the villains of many a caution- ary fable told to children who wander astray.

Worg (206 Kbs PDF)

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