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Adapting "The Lich-Queen's Beloved"D&D Insider Article
by Rodney Thompson

A githyanki city built on the body of a dead god? A thousand-year-old undead queen with delusions of godhood? Sign up here. In this article, designer Rodney Thompson revisits the classic 3rd Edition adventure from Dungeon magazine and gives the low-down on how to give it a 4th Edition update.

Some months ago, I decided to bring my Forgotten Realms game to its climax, but I wasn’t sure how to wrap things up. I was leafing through old issues of Dungeon magazine when I came across issue 100, featuring “The Lich-Queen’s Beloved”—a famous adventure pitting the players against the githyanki lich queen Vlaakith. If you don’t already have the original adventure, you can download it as a companion piece to this article.

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    Rodney Thompson is an RPG designer at Wizards of the Coast, originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. His credits for the Dungeons & Dragons game include Monster Manual 3, the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, and Monster Vault.

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