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Winter is Coming
D&D Sundering Adventurer’s Chronicle

T hanks to all the players and DMs who updated their adventure progress in the D&D Sundering Adventurer’s Chronicle, Duke Torlin Silvershield was outed as the Chosen of Bhaal and defeated. There was much death, and the God of Murder grew fat on the tribute, but for now the heroes have returned Baldur’s Gate to its normal level of controlled chaos.

Yet the trials and troubles of the Sundering are only beginning. The cold winds of winter bring with them dark tidings and our adventurers are called North to Icewind Dale.

In Legacy of the Crystal Shard, the next adventure of the Sundering, our heroes face off against a new Chosen, along with the specter of an ancient relic, Crenshinibon. Each choice you make will affect your progress and the world around you, and in the end, you will determine the fate of the people of Ten Towns and Icewind Dale. To share those choices with us, you’ll need to provide us adventure updates using the Sundering Adventurer’s Chronicle. We’ll have an adventure update within the Chronicle at the start of the season (beginning next week: 11/27), in the middle, and then again at the end. Updating your adventure choices will also earn you such dark-ice themed badges as “Abominable Slayer” or “Braaaaaains” that you can use to share your exploits with friends and fellow adventurers:

Along with adventure updates and badges, the Sundering Adventurer’s Chronicle contains videos on the Sundering, sample chapters from Sundering authors, regular Forgotten Realms trivia, and more. So make haste! Grab your party, pick up a copy of Legacy of the Crystal Shard, and sign into the Sundering Adventurer’s Chronicle to make your story legend!

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