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Legendary Evils

The latest DDM miniatures set, Legendary Evil, releases this month. To help celebrate, we've asked Jared von Hindman of to create a set of cartoons for each of the minis (after all, we loved his Dangerous Delve Doodles).

Enjoy—and be sure to check back each day for another set of cartoons!

Preview #6

"I've saved some of my favorite miniatures in the newest D&D Miniatures set for this last preview. That wasn't easy -- there are a lot of good miniatures in the set. I like how the themes of the set came out in the end -- demons, goblinoids, and the Elemental Chaos are all favorites of mine...." Read More.

Aurak Draconian


Goblin Cutter

Sivak Draconian


Preview #5

"I first saw this preview's huge miniature in the first edition Monster Manual – the Remorhaz. It's back in 4th edition in the recent Monster Manual 2. The design behind this creature specifically placed it to work well with giants: a Remorhaz, Frost Titan, and Frost Giant encounter is about 20th level, and it's made up of all Visible figures from Legendary Evils and Dangerous Delves...." Read More.

Priestess of Bane




Adult Brown Dragon

Preview #4

"The Far Realm has been embraced as part of the core cosmology in 4th Edition. This week features four creatures that spawn from that area...." Read More.

Foulspawn Seer

Foulspawn Mangler

Foulspawn Hulk

Scarecrow Stalker

Ultimate Tyrant

Preview #3

"Is it getting a little chilly in here? To continue with the titan theme, I present the Frost Titan. Because of the recent release of Monster Manual 2, this uncommon visible miniature was a natural choice for the set. It follows quickly on the heels of the Frost Giant figure in Dangerous Delves -- you now have a leader for your army of frost giants! Many of the miniatures in this set were chosen to build encounters with the Frost Titan, such as the 20th level Rimefire Griffon...." Read More.

Duergar Guard

Cleric of Asmodeus

Chillfire Destroyer

Frost Titan

Rimefire Griffon

Preview #2

"Last week you saw two figures for a monster that survives in hidden monasteries deep in the Elemental Chaos. This week features more from that plane -- it's a bit of a theme for the set...." Read More.

Air Archon

Earth Archon

Slaad Spawn

Talon Slaad

Storm Titan

Preview #1

"What would Dungeons & Dragons be without dragons? It's been a pattern to have a chromatic dragon in each Huge set since Giants of Legend, and Legendary Evils follow suit with the Elder Green Dragon. The look of this dragon was updated for 4th edition, making it only natural that we'd choose this dragon for this set...." Read More.

Githzerai Mindmage

Githzerai Cenobite

Hoard Scarab
Larva Swarm

Psychic Sentinel

Elder Green Dragon

July's In the Works

"Do D&D characters take a vacation? I'm assuming they'd want to after trekking long days through the wilderness regardless of the weather, delving into the dank caverns and forgotten corners of the world, and recovering from tremendous often near-fatal injuries. They must, from time to time, look for something more significant than even an extended rest. Sometimes even they must long for an extensive rest. A vacation. Time to spend their hard-gotten gains ordering mugs of ale on a foreign beach somewhere....." Read More.


War Troll

Salamander Firetail

Yochlol Tempter

Human Rabble

August's In the Works

"Here we are in the dog days of summer. Or, for those of us in Seattle recently, I'd say the hell hound days of summer. 100 degrees is simply not a measurement we comprehend (much like 5am is a fictional hour of the day, at least for me)...." Read More.

Elder Iron Dragon


Djinn Stormsword

Minotaur Thug

Barghest Savager

About the Artist

Jared von Hindman is an artist and sometime comedian who "dug too deep" while researching Stupid Monsters of Dungeons & Dragons. He awoke something Dire and horrible (perhaps Fiendish, even) and now he spends his days playing with plastic elves and illustrating new and creative ways to kill goblins. Currently he resides in Berlin with an older woman and a snake named Slinky. He’s not sure why his pet needs to be included in his bio, but all the cool kids seem to be doing it and Jared's a sucker for peer pressure.

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