Cartoons Archive | 6/15/2010
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MM3 Cartoons
Jared von Hindman

You can never have enough monsters in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. With more than 300 new creatures contained within its pages, Monster Manual 3 features a fiendish array of clever tricksters, hulking brutes, and diabolical villains to vex player characters. From the treacherous jackalwere to the insane derro, a number of classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters join 4th Edition with the arrival of this book.

To help celebrate the release of the Monster Manual 3, we've asked Jared von Hindman (of once more to create the following cartoons -- several of them looking back at the famed creatures, gotcha monsters, and returning stars to the game.


Jared von Hindman is an artist and sometime comedian who "dug too deep" while researching Stupid Monsters of Dungeons & Dragons. He awoke something Dire and horrible (perhaps Fiendish, even) and now he spends his days playing with plastic elves and illustrating new and creative ways to kill goblins. Currently he resides in Berlin with an older woman and a snake named Slinky. He’s not sure why his pet needs to be included in his bio, but all the cool kids seem to be doing it and Jared's a sucker for peer pressure.

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