Excerpts Archive | 4/27/2009
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Excerpts: MM2 Remorhaz
Monster Manual 2

In today’s Monster Manual 2 preview, we present a returning elite brute and elemental beast: the remorhaz!


Remorhazes use their intense internal heat to burrow through the ice and rock of their arctic homes, preying on any creatures they come across, even giants and dragons.

Remorhaz Tactics

A remorhaz burrows to reach an isolated enemy and grabs it with its bite attack, then attempts to swallow it whole.

Remorhaz Lore

Arcana DC 22: A remorhaz generates intense heat, especially when enraged. Remorhazes are infamous for swallowing their prey whole, though they dislike trying to digest meals that are also causing them damage.

Arcana DC 27: Remorhazes are wild creatures, but they are sometimes trained by frost giants for use as guardians.

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