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Player's Handbook 3 Excerpts: Racial Paragon Paths

In today's Player's Handbook 3 preview, we look at a new racial paragon path for the githzerai, who lead disciplined lives and observe their surroundings to determine their place in the universe. Building on the racial paragon paths presented in Player’s Handbook 2, the paragon paths in Chapter 1 of the PH3 are intended for this book’s races.


"The search for enlightenment and the freedom we now possess do not allow us the luxury of quietly suffering our enemies."

Prerequisite: Githzerai

Untold years of slavery shaped your people. Freedom molded them further during the split from those who became the githyanki. In the centuries since the githzerai gained independence, they have struggled to master themselves and prepared themselves against any threat to the liberty they earned so long ago. They will not be enslaved again.

Defense is not enough, however. Your people have always formed war bands to deal with menaces close and far. Highest among these groups is a rrakkma—a vengeance band. Mighty githzerai called rrathmals gather in these elite cadres to hunt those who still watch the free githzerai with covetous eyes. Each rrakkma sets out on a hunt, bringing destruction to mind flayers, githyanki, and other threats wherever they are found.

At times, a rrakkma has a goal, such as hindering ferreting out a hive of mind flayers. Sometimes the members of a rrakkmas wander until they have faced a number of foes sufficient to call the mission a success. To serve in a rrakkma is a great privilege, and githzerai preparing to join such a group receive special training. Even a githzerai who has proven worthy while traveling among nongithzerai might be so honored.

You are such a one. You have served your people well, proven yourself worthy of special training, or found a teacher who knows the techniques of the vengeance warriors of the githzerai. You have learned to make assaults decisively, pursue enemies relentlessly, and defeat foes utterly.

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