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Demonomicon Excerpts

She is the Angel of the Everlasting Void, the Demon Monarch of the Barrens, and the Queen of Desolation. In today's Demonomicon excerpt, Oublivae stalks the empty wastelands, lurks within abandoned shrines and toppled ruins, and haunts the trackless seas and the starry void between planes and worlds.


History DC 33: It is said that the monster Oublivae crawled up to the Barrens in an unknown age, making her way into the wasteland from the bottomless ruins of that blasted realm. Her head is that of a resplendent fey queen, mounted atop a lustrous insectoid exoskeleton. When the demon lord Ugoreth espied her, he surrounded the creature with his servants and demanded servitude. In response, Oublivae told Ugoreth that she was a herald come from the heart of the Abyss with a message only for him.

Blinded by his own vanity, the demon lord granted her private audience. As soon as they were alone, Oublivae attacked the hapless Ugoreth, consuming his soul and hurling his body into the bottomless ruin from which she had risen. She laid waste to his demesne, made a throne of his castle, and became undisputed Queen of the Barrens.

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Friday: An incubus stalks the mortal target of its fiendish desire, shifting between forms of mortal, beast, and dream until it catches and savages its quarry.

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