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Atlas of Athas: Belgoi
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Terrible sounds are carried across the Athasian plains, but perhaps the most insidious is the jingling of small bells—the work of belgoi. The dissonant chimes of these gaunt humanoids tug at travelers’ minds, entrancing victims and luring them out into the wastes, where they become easy prey for today's Dark Sun Creature Catalog excerpt, the hungry belgoi.


Arcana DC 19: Once a proud, evil race of fey, the belgoi were stranded in the barrens of Athas by the destruction of their homelands. They came to hate the desert world and all its residents, and they degenerated into a madness that has led them to devour other humanoids and despoil all they touch. Life force literally leaks from some of the wounds inflicted by belgoi.

Belgoi gather in small, nomadic tribes that are led by the strongest member. They ruin wherever they live, consuming everything they can and destroying or polluting the rest. While the tribe camps, hunting parties scour the surrounding area for game. Belgoi kill and eat whatever they can catch, but they prefer meat seasoned with the terror that a sentient creature feels when it faces impending death.

Belgoi have another reason for devouring humanoids—they believe that eating the flesh of a victim grants them the fallen one’s power. The strongest belgoi have consumed numerous enemies. For the sake of gaining and conserving personal power, belgoi also eat their own dead. They harbor a special taste for eladrin, whom they blame for destroying their home.

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Friday: "The residents of Gulg seem happier and more content than the citizens of any other city-state. The Forest Goddess Lalali-Puy, their beloved Oba, has bound them in chains of reverence, gratitude, and love."

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