Excerpts Archive | 4/11/2013
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Excerpts: Spell Compendium

Pockets full of bat guano, incomprehensible speech, and twisted hands making bizarre gestures—it sounds crazy, but in the Dungeons & Dragons game, these are the earmarks of power (as written in the 3.5 Premium Spell Compendium), for they are the signs of spellcasting.

As further written (back in the 1st Edition Dungeon Master's Guide), all magic and cleric spells are similar in that the word sounds, when combined into whatever patterns are applicable, are charged with energy from the Positive or Negative Material Plane. When uttered, these sounds cause the release of this energy, which in turn triggers a set reaction. The release of the energy contained in these words is what causes the spell to be forgotten or the writing to disappear from the surface upon which it is written.

Spells and spellcasters form a cornerstone of fantasy, and the Spell Compendium builds on that cornerstone by presenting over a thousand spells in one place.

We released the walkthrough map for White Plume Mountain—and in it, the hidden location for the fabled sword, Blackrazor. In today's preview, we look a powerful spell-version of the sword, along with spells for entire storms of blades!

Blade Storm (level 3)

With a thought and a word you complete the spell. Your weapons shift color, becoming blue for a moment, and feel lighter in your hands. An unseen force guides them, pulling them toward your enemies.

Black Blade of Disaster (level 9)

As you cast the spell, a large black tear in the universe appears in the form of a crackling ebony sword made of the material of the planes. The blade flies off at your mental command to destroy your foes.

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