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Uniting the Editions, Part 3 Addendum
Legends and Lore
Mike Mearls

In our latest Legends & Lore poll, we asked what elements of D&D mechanics you wanted to see preserved. One of the listed elements was a limit on ability scores based on gender. There is no way such a pointless rule is going to end up in the game, whether in the core or as a rules module, which is why it was under the article header “Stuff to Leave Behind.” We never intended that as a serious option. We forgot that articles like Legends & Lore are an important window into the development process, one where something intended as a joke option can come across as an actual proposal. We ask you to take the time to read, consider, and vote on the issues we bring forward. The least we can do is respect your efforts and keep the polls focused on actual ideas we’ve entertained, rather than leave you guessing as to what we actually mean.

We also had some technical issues with our poll today. As a result, we’re bringing you the poll again today, phrased more clearly and with responses more representative of what we believe might exist in the core game or the modules.

Of course, this poll includes only a fraction of the rules and options that have appeared in D&D over the years. What other options would you include?

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