Dragon Issue #413

By Erik Scott de Bie
Being a male in a matriarchal society isn’t that bad. Just ask the bloodthirsty champions of Melee-Magthere, the powerful Sorcere adepts, the elder sons of the drow houses, and the wily mercenaries of the Bregan D’aerthe.
By Erik Scott de Bie
You are a female drow, and Menzoberranzan is your oyster. Dare you serve as the voice of Lolth in a powerful drow house, or would you rather sever all ties to the houses and thrive as a widow of Arach-Tinilith?
By Jared von Hindman
You definitely don’t want to wake up and find one of these critters in your sleeping bag.
By Doug Hyatt
Given the cutthroat politics and backstabbing in drow society, sometimes it pays to be a lowly slave, an outsider, or a devotee of Vhaeraun or Ghaunadaur.
By Keith Baker
This crown has the power to unite the warring goblin factions. That would be bad.
By Doug Hyatt
Live for the chase, and revel in the hunt. All else is secondary. Under the cold light of the moon, everyone and everything is fair game.
By Ed Greenwood
Each year at Gen Con, Ed Greenwood, father of the Forgotten Realms, joins fans in throwing together a hilarious (and often ribald) tale, which is woven into a short story after the show. This is one such story.
By Ed Greenwood
They appear one after another without explanation—orc skulls wearing crowns of gold—and then vanish without a trace. Who were these orcish “kings”? When and where will their crowned skulls appear next?
By Rodney Thompson
In Athas, crown wears you.
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