Dragon Issue #415

By Chris Perkins
Criminal syndicates. Government conspiracies. Murder most foul. Intrigued? We sure hope so.
By Brian Cortijo
How does the nefarious leader of the Black Network stay on top of things and thwart assassination attempts? It’s easy when your most trusted servants are clones.
By Tim Eagon
The Midnight Serpent’s hunger for death is insatiable, and as a Fang of Zehir, it’s your job to make sure the god of murder is well fed.
By Alana Abbott
The next time your bard tries to soothe savage beasts with song, make the power come alive with lyrics!
By James Maliszewski
Take a trip through past editions of the D&D game, and see how its iconic features have evolved over the decades.
By Rodney Thompson
A mysterious caravan travels the wastes of Athas, but the wind erases all trace of its passage, and few who have seen the caravan live to tell the tale.
By Keith Baker
This shadow syndicate pulls the strings of Khorvaire’s mighty governments, but political infighting keeps its members in check. See what plots are hatching in the concords of the Aurum.
By Ed Greenwood
An unspeakable monster haunts a lonely hilltop fortress in northern Calimshan. Three hired adventurers have already hurled themselves off its battlements to their deaths. Will you be next in line for such a fate?
By Erik Scott de Bie
Read the new short story from the author of Shadowbane: Eye of Justice.
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