Dragon Issue #425

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Editorial: Elemental Evil
By Steve Winter
Elemental evil isn’t all we have to offer this month, but it’s a big part.
The Anatomy of Elemental Evil
By Thomas M. Reid
What is the essence of elemental evil? How did simple element worship twist itself into the most dire threat against the land?
History Check: The Temple of Elemental Evil
By Skip Williams
Legions of heroes have crushed—or been crushed by—the cult of Elemental Evil in its many incarnations.
Tavern Profile: The Broken Gauntlet
By Craig Campbell
Beneath the shattered streets of Skullport sits a most unusual tavern.
Bestiary: Catastrophic Dragons, Part 2
By Robert J. Schwalb and Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
Tornado and wildfire dragons step into the spotlight in this month’s Bestiary.
Unearthed Arcana: Combat Options
By Robert J. Schwalb and Matt Sernett
Critical fumbles, group actions, and variable defenses are just three of the options to spice up your tabletop fights.
Spin a Yarn: The Night Thelva Clovenaxe Flew
By Ed Greenwood
The Clovenaxes spent their days sipping unknown liqour concoctions. Eventually, something was bound to backfire.
Eye on the Realms: Forgotten in a Chest
By Ed Greenwood
In the realms, cults that worship slimy, oozing, amorphous elemental evil are a thing of the past—or are they?
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