Dragon Issue #428

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Scary Stuff
By Steve Winter
Getting scared is a kick, even when it’s all for pretend.
Backdrop: Westgate
By Erik Scott de Bie
The city of Westgate is brimming with opportunity—for those who can handle the risk.
Court of Stars: The Wild Hunt
By Aaron Infante-Levy
The Horned Lord was adopted into the Green Court, but he was destined to fall from favor.
Fright Night
By Steve Winter
So what if heroic characters have icewater in their veins? Your goal is to spook players.
Channel Divinity: Amon the Wolf
By Tim Eagon
Amon the Wolf terrorizes Avernus and other planes in his quest for vengeance against the enemies of his lord, Levistus.
Bazaar of the Bizarre: Treasures from the Far Realm
By Eytan Bernstein
A magic item crafted in the Far Realm may be useful in mortal hands, but never let one fool you into thinking it’s your friend.
Rumor Has It
By Skip Williams
You’ll never be at a loss for local events and rumors if you keep this list nearby.
The Speaking Skull of Themtraver Hall
By Ed Greenwood
In the gloomy, rotten-floored Themtraver Hall dwells the Speaking Skull.
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Issue #428
This month, getting scared is a kick, even when it’s all for pretend.
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