Dungeon Issue #202
By Greg Bilsland
This month, we open a planar portal to the world of Athas. Step through with us if you dare!
By Christopher Perkins
A retired gladiator has a bone to pick with House Tsalaxa, and the raging desert has a bone to pick with you. A D&D Dark Sun adventure for characters of levels 6–8.
By Jared Espley
The Veiled Alliance wants to bring new life to a devastated island in the Sea of Silt, but it isn’t called the Isle of Death for nothing. A D&D Dark Sun adventure for characters of levels 8–10.
By Teos Abadia
Athas has many different kinds of terrain to challenge adventurers, not just sandy deserts. This Dark Sun article presents a series of intriguing terrain-based encounters appropriate for characters of levels 3 and higher.
By Teos Abadia
Kalak’s death has thrown Tyr into chaos, and the True want to bring order to the beleaguered city-state by putting a new sorcerer-king on the throne. However, their methods leave much to be desired.
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