Dungeon Issue #203
By Christopher Perkins
Thinking of running a nautical campaign? How ’bout a nautical campaign on the Astral Sea?
By Craig Campbell
Captain Rukos of the Zephyr thought he’d defeated the dread kraken Thalarkis. How wrong he was. A D&D adventure for characters of levels 13–15.
By Sterling Hershey
The Etherean Heretic prowls the Astral Sea, stalking treasure hunters and merchants alike. But enough is enough; it’s time for the hunter to become the hunted. A D&D adventure for characters of levels 14–16.
By Matthew J. Hanson
Here’s a host of amazing objets d’art to fill the imperial treasuries, lost vaults, crumbling monasteries, and sunken wrecks of your campaign world.
By Michael E. Shea
Between the worlds of the mortals and the dominions of the gods lies the Astral Sea—the stomping grounds of hero-slaying aleaxes, githyanki antipaladins, and other planar threats.
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