D&D Organized Play Downloads

D&D Encounters: Web of the Spider Queen Play Tracker 102 KB Updated 11/2011
Keep track of your character’s treasure, experience, and Renown Points by downloading this handy play tracker!
Neverwinter Themed Character Sheet 405 KB Updated 08/2011
Deck your character out in style with this easy-to-use one page character sheet, themed appropriately for the current season of D&D Encounters!
RPGA Character Creation Guide v.1.99 226 KB Updated 06/2010
The RPGA Character Creation Guide contains the foundational rules for RPGA character creation. You can even use the guide to create characters for your home game! This version is effective on June 22, 2010
RPGA General Rules 231 KB Updated 07/2003
The RPGA General Rules were developed to help maintain fair and consistent worldwide play for every game system the RPGA sanctions and supports. View the RPGA General Rules online.
D&D Session Tracking 61 KB Updated 02/2011
This is the session tracking form used to report play for D&D game sessions.