Character Name Generator

Never again suffer the indignity of an elf named “Melf”, a bartender named “George”, or a mysterious unnamed stranger in town. The D&D Name Generator creates countless names for your heroes or NPCs, specific to their gender, race and class -- including titles and honorifics!. Simply fill in the form below, or use the preset defaults, and click the "Generate Name" button to produce names for all sorts of characters.

This generator requires the use of javascript and utilized cookies to maintain the list of the last 20 names generated as well as the list of saved names. You can also save names by bookmarking the provided link.

The link provided under your character name results can be bookmarked or sent to a friend. Right click on the word "LINK" for your specific browsers options. Note: After following a link to the generator it will appear to freeze up, click "Reset Form" beneath the "Generate Name" button to clear the linked data.