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D&D Next Playtest FAQ

When will the playtest begin?

We anticipate opening up playtesting on May 24th, 2012.

When will the playtest end?

The length of the playtest is still to be determined, depending on the feedback we receive.

Who can participate in the playtest?

Everyone can participate in the playtest! We want to ensure that all D&D players, Dungeon Masters and retailers have a chance to give their input on the next iteration of D&D. Participants must agree to certain terms and conditions in order to participate.

How do I sign up for the playtest?

Go to, click on the “Start Playtesting Now” button and follow the instructions. You will need to provide your email address, create a password, review and agree to the Online Playtest Agreement terms, and opt-in to receive surveys and other materials related to your playtesting participation.

How will I provide feedback on the playtest materials?

You will periodically receive links via the email address you provide during the sign-up process to take surveys about the playtest materials. Just answer the survey questions and hit “submit”. You can also provide feedback through polls contained in many online articles discussing D&D Next. Look for playtest-related articles on

Can I drop out of the playtest before it officially ends?

You can opt-out at any time. However, we encourage you to continue playtesting. Your feedback is very important to us.

Does my whole D&D group need to sign up for playtesting if I want to run the playtest materials for them?

Yes. Anyone playtesting D&D Nnext must follow the official sign up process at and agree to the terms and conditions for playtesting.

Can I run a D&D Next playtest at my convention?

Due to the requirement that playtest participants agree to terms and the Online Playtest Agreement, playtesting is not permitted at conventions unless run by Wizards of the Coast.

Can retailers participate?

Absolutely. Retailers can host playtest games in their store, so long as all members of the playtest group have followed the official sign-up process at and agreed to the Online Playtest Agreement and any other requirements for playtesting.

Can we run the D&D Next playtest at home or is it only in stores, like D&D Encounters or D&D Lair Assault?

You are welcome to run the D&D Next playtest at home. However, all members of the group must follow the official sign-up process at and agree to the terms and conditions for playtesting.

Can I blog/post/talk about my playtest experiences with others who may not be in the playtest?

Yes. You may publicly discuss your thoughts about the D&D Next playtest materials and your experiences while playtesting.

Am I allowed to make copies of the playtest materials or publish parts of them on my blog?

As part of your participation in the D&D Next playtest, you must agree to our playtesting terms and the Online Playtest Agreement, which prohibits copying, excerpting, redistributing and the misuse of playtest materials. (This does not limit participants from making copies of playtest documents for the sole purpose of sharing them with their gaming group provided they have all signed up to playtest D&D Next.) For more information, see the Online Playtest Agreement.

Where can I go to talk to others who are playtesting? Is there a forum or discussion area?

Feel free to discuss your thoughts about your D&D Next playtest experience anywhere. We have also created a dedicated D&D Next playtesting forum on our community site located here: which is a great place to connect with other playtesters.

If I participated in previous rounds of D&D Next playtesting, do I need to sign up again and agree to new terms?

Yes. If you want to continue playtesting D&D Next, you need to sign up by going to and following the sign-up instructions. We have recently deployed a new, more streamlined process for playtest packet distribution which requires you to sign-up under the new system, regardless of whether or not you signed up to receive the first playtest packet.

If you have previously executed a Nondisclosure Agreement with Wizards of the Coast related to D&D Next playtesting, the terms and conditions of that NDA are still effective regarding the content and distribution of playtest materials. However, you may now discuss your thoughts and opinions about the D&D Next playtest materials and your playtesting experience publicly.

Are we going to see a response from Wizards to our feedback?

Not to you directly, but the playtest feedback will be reviewed and will play an essential role as we iterate on parts of the D&D Next rules. In addition to gathering feedback through surveys, we encourage you to talk about your D&D Next playtest experience and ask questions in the D&D Next Community Page where designers and developers post blogs on a regular basis. You can also discuss the materials in the D&D Next forums and submit questions regarding D&D Next to our weekly column, Rule of Three.

Why should I give feedback? Does my opinion really matter for the final outcome of the game?

Yes, your feedback is very important in shaping the direction for the next iteration of D&D! We seek to make gaming history by shaping the future of D&D together.

Can I run an online game via email, Skype, Google Hangout or a play-by-post forum?

Yes, you may run online games via Skype, Google Hangout or play-by-post forum provided you to do not post or upload any transcripts from your playtest, upload any playtest materials and make sure that all members of your group have signed up to playtest through the official playtest sign up process.

Can I create a video or podcast of my playtest to share with others?

With the exception of any contests or promotions, unfortunately you cannot create podcast or video content of your playtest to share publicly.