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D&D XP Seminar Chat Streams

Please Note the Following:

The following live chat streams of these seminars will be open for participation. Simply enter a user name (if none is given, user name will default to "guest") and enter your comment. Moderated comments will be added to the ongoing chat.

Trevor Kidd is on hand at the D&D XP Seminar, to help transcribe the speakers' presentation. Comments in these chats are moderated (meaning, they are approved before being published) so as not to overwhelm the transcription. But please do comment and ask questions; we keep a record of questions raised in these chats (published and unpublished) that we'll bring back to R&D, to let them know what's on your mind.

Reimagining Skills and Ability Scores (Sunday; 12:30 to 2PM EST)

The role of skills has fluctuated throughout the life of Dungeons & Dragons, and ability scores have been of varying importance in each edition. Find out what the design team has done to reimagine these aspects of the game, and how they arrived at a system to marry the two concepts more closely together. Seminar includes Monte Cook, Bruce Cordell, and Robert Schwalb, and will be followed by a Q&A session.

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