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Fortress of the Yuan-ti
4th Edition Conversion
By Robert Wiese and Greg Bilsland

If you wish to add material from Fortress of the Yuan-ti into your 4th Edition campaign, this conversion will help. We've included encounter suggestions as well as updated stat blocks -- everything from Grusildrith the Bog Hag, to the Risen King!

"Who else knows?" The sibilant voice carried a foul taint, like the first wisp of breeze catching the rising smoke of a crematorium.

Shiuahn wanted to look away, to blink the sweat from her eyes, but she was unable to break the Master's gaze. "No one, Lord."


Shiuahn fell to her knees. Like all her kin, all her neighbors, she had been pressed into service years ago by the new occupants of the strange castle recessed into the face of Cettrux Hill. However, where many of the humans suffered beneath the lash of the overseer's minions or the crushing weight of starvation, Shiuahn had maintained the favor of the serpent-folk through eager cooperation.

If only her curiosity had not gotten the better of her. . . .

"No one, Lord, I swear! I meant no trespass! But I saw the gate active when it should not have been. I feared intrusion. . . ." The torturer's words ran over one another in her haste. Blood dripped from her lips where her teeth, chattering with fear, had torn them.

The Master looked not to Shiuahn but to the foul creature behind her. Long-fingered hands were clenched on the human's shoulders, tentacles writhing around her head. The mind flayer's answer came not in words, but as raw thought.

She speaks truth. None of the others saw what she saw.

"Good." The Master reached out, gently cradling Shiuahn's head in a bloated, scaly hand. "You might have caused us much trouble, Shiuahn. The willing sacrifice you witnessed was the first of a series of great rites, the most important ever conducted in this world. For now, they must progress in secret. What good fortune that the only one to learn of them was a human so loyal as you."

Shiuahn stood a little straighter. "I live to serve, Lord. If I might be of any service to the ritual, you need but demand it of me."

The Master's gaze flicked from Shiuahn's eyes to the blood drying at the corner of her mouth. "Why, Shiuahn, we could not perform it without you. . . ."

Evil yuan-ti conspire to destroy a kingdom using dark rituals and the bones of a long-dead king. To win the day, heroes must storm the yuan-ti fortress and wrest the bones from the cultists' clutches before they complete their rituals and unleash a far greater menace upon the world.