Wallpapers Archive | 3/18/2009
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Secrets of the City Entombed
Miranda Horner

Secrets of the City Entombed

From our recent Dragon Magazine article:

Necromancy -- the magic of death and the undead -- is feared and viewed with horror by most. But some who practice this blackest of arts know that power of any sort, when wielded by a just and wise hand, can be bent to serve any master for good or evil. In "Secrets of the City Entombed," explore lost Rahesh, the city destroyed by fire and ash where the study of necromancy once achieved immense power.

Evil and necromancy seem to go hand in skeletal hand. The parasitic presence of a vampire, the cold intellect of a lich, the unstoppable rage of the death knight -- these products of necromancy rightfully earn the magic its reputation for malevolence. Yet an axe can be used to cut wood or to hew men. Surely necromancy can be put to good purpose. This is the dream of those who seek necromantic knowledge in taboo Rahesh, the City Entombed, and these Scholars of Sin will share their secrets with those who dare to learn them.

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