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Sarthel, City of SilverD&D Insider Article
Nerathi Legends
By Richard Baker

On the shores of Lake Sarn stands the city-state of Sarthel, the largest and most prosperous city remaining in the heartland of old Nerath. The city’s foundries and workshops produce jewelry (especially silverwork) and goods known for hundreds of miles around. In this dark and doubtful age, few cities thrive as Sarthel does . . . but a deadly threat lies hidden in the very heart of the city.

Some of the city’s lords eye the smaller, scattered towns of the Dragondown Coast only a hundred miles to the east and dream of making Sarthel into a republic—or a kingdom. But Sarthel now faces a dark and deadly peril: The city lies in the grip of the Iron Circle, a secretive and powerful cult dedicated to the worship of Asmodeus, Lord of Hell.

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    About the Author

    Richard Baker is an award-winning game designer who has written numerous adventures and supplements, including Manual of the Planes, the Dark Sun Campaign Guide, and the Gamma World Roleplaying Game. He's a New York Times bestselling author of Forgotten Realms novels such as Condemnation, the Last Mythal trilogy, and the Blades of the Moonsea series. Rich is currently the Design Manager for the Dungeons & Dragons game at Wizards of the Coast.