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Black Flame ZealotD&D Insider Article
Class Acts: Assassin
By Chad Brown

At some point on the precarious path to shadow power, each assassin gives over a portion of his or her soul to the Shadowfell. Assassins continue this practice as they grow in power and experience, binding themselves more closely to the dark reflection of their own sacrificed souls. Many, having started down this path, find it difficult to retrace their steps; some of those do not try. After being bound to shadow, clever assassins learn to infuse their enemies, their weapons, and themselves with the aspects of shadow best suited to their task: the task of killing. Few trust known assassins, so many assassins train and study in secret, honing their abilities through techniques developed and passed on by guilds.

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    About the Author

    Chad Brown has been gaming his whole life. He has worked with the RPGA and is ecstatic to be writing for Dragon magazine.

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