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Dragon #422D&D Insider Article
Steve Winter, Mark Monack, Daniel Helmick, Matt Sernett, Ed Greenwood

D ying is easy; comedy is hard. Those words weren't penned for roleplayers, but they could have been. This month: satyrs, tinker gnomes, and unique character backgrounds!

We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dragon 422. Inside you'll find:

  • Editorial: A Funny Thing Happened…, by Steve Winter
  • Court of Stars: Hyrsam, Prince of Satyrs, by Mark Monack
  • Winning Races: Tinker Gnomes, by Daniel Helmick
  • Unearthed Arcana: Building Character, by Matt Sernett
  • Eye on the Realms: Barlar’s Bucket Helm, by Ed Greenwood

Plus, art by the likes of Adam Danger Cook, Ralph Horsley, Hector Ortiz, Sarah Stone, Tyler Walpole, Eva Widermann, and Kieran Yanner.

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