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Holidays, Fireworks, and Celebrating D&DD&D Insider Article
by Bill Slavicsek

The 4th of July holiday is rapidly approaching as I write this, which means cook-outs, fireworks, and my annual viewing of the film, 1776. (It's a US of A thing. The rest of you out there in the wider world have a July 4th, you just don't necessarily celebrate anything special that day.) All this talk about celebrations has me thinking about D&D. (OK, to be fair, almost everything eventually makes me think about D&D.) So this month, I want to cover a few things that we can all celebrate related to our favorite game. There's the newly declared Dungeon Master Appreciation Month. There's the start of Debut Content this week with the unveiling of the psion. There's the 25th anniversary of Dragonlance, to which I'll add a party favor or two in the form of a preview of the draconians as they'll appear in Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons and the Monster Manual: Legendary Evils miniatures set. Oh, and there's the fast-approaching release of the D&D Monster Builder which makes me want to throw a parade. Let's get this party rolling!

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