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Dragonshard ItemsD&D Insider Article
Bazaar of the Bizarre
by Eric Cagle

This article describes several new dragonshard items. Some are openly known while others are rare or even unique. The techniques used in the creation of these items are tightly held trade secrets, and constant espionage occurs between the houses to learn them. Indeed, the histories of some of these dragonshard magic items may be part of a misinformation campaign or front for an even more mysterious past.

Over a hundred years ago, an extremely talented magebreeder named Perr Hanton set about crafting magic items to help him maintain control over the living abominations they brought into existence. Known for his extreme cruelty and dominating nature, Hanton created the stern handler's wraps -- special gloves that cowed recalcitrant creatures that had gone berserk from rage.

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    About the Author

    Eric Cagle is the Editor-in-Chief of No Quarter Magazine and a prolific freelancer for several different game companies. He lives in Seattle where the coffee is dark and bitter like his goddesses.