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Class Acts: RangerD&D Insider Article
By Peter Schaefer

Rangers make excellent archers, dealing out death from a distance with bow or crossbow. Some have focused their efforts on impeding and trapping their enemies. The high precision these rangers bring to the battlefield allows them to control the flow of battle without stepping foot near an adversary. This article offers 19 new ranger exploits to make your bow ranger even deadlier.

When you ready your bow, your opponents know you intend to strike them down if they move through the area you cover or near the ally you protect. Your allies benefit from your skill with the bow as well, since you use every trick shot in the book to give them an advantage.

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    About the Author

    Peter Schaefer is a friend to the lesser known creatures of the world. The dust fairies look up to him as an older brother. Tarnish sprites leave their home in the silverware drawer nightly to invite him to play their game of color poetry. Stain imps taunt him, as they do all creatures, but with a shred less spite. Water droplings offer to wage war on the imps on his behalf, in concert with their sometimes allies the suds, but he politely declines. The twin fiends Tear and Wear repair the damage their constant playful wrestling does to his clothes, and he is grateful for it. And when Peter works as an RPG developer on such projects as Adventurer’s Vault 2, Divine Power, and many D&D Insider articles, his friends offer a chorus of helpful comments that he cheerfully integrates.