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Corellon's DevotedD&D Insider Article
Channel Divinity
By Robert J. Schwalb

Magic, art, renewal, and beauty—these are the gifts ancient Corellon bestowed upon the mortal world when Creation’s dew still lay wet across the land. It is said he himself planted the first forests. The greatest artistic achievements, the most brilliant paintings and heart-wrenching epics owe their inspiration to him. Corellon, First of the Seldarine, Protector, Creator of all Elvenkind, the Coronal of Arvandor is among the greatest gods in the Astral Sea and that which flows from his presence is wondrous in its glory, terrible in its fury.

Is it not said that Corellon sired the elven races? You have heard the tale where elves rose from his blood spilled by Gruumsh during that fateful contest where Corellon took the monstrous god’s eye. But have you also heard the tale in which Corellon battled the Spider Queen and cast her into the abyssal darkness? It is said elvenkind also rose from the blood she spilled. There is also the tale of how the elven people were born from those tears he shed during the times of the Triune Harmony, with the races rising from tears of sorrow, beauty, and mirth. What would you say if I told you all three tales were true?

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    About the Author

    Robert J. Schwalb has decided to use a different bio entry in an act of solidarity with the dwarves who object to such fawning treatment of what many of them regard as a delicate flower with a penchant for dooming entire peoples who displease him (Or is it her? One can never quite tell from the depictions). This said, Robert is entirely confident Corellon will visit no retribution, because doing so would mean he would not be able to continue contributing to your favorite game books and DDI articles. When not peering out to watch you from your computer screen, Robert can be found in Tennessee, scratching his head and trying to remember where he put his lunch.