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The Mournland ExpressD&D Insider Article
Expeditionary Dispatches
by Andrew Schneider

Floating five feet over a line of Cannithmade conductor stones and powered by an air elemental with enough speed to outrun a hungry dragon, the lightning rail is the premier travel service across Khorvaire. A scion of House Orien serves as conductor, overseeing a full complement of house crew to ensure that your trip is pleasant and comfortable. Specially contracted guards from the Blademarks Guild are vigilant, ready to insulate you from the wilds beyond your window, while a Fabricators Guild artificer maintains the coach and carts at peak performance. See the wonders of the world in comfort rivaling a Ghallanda lodge. Lightning rail -- fast, safe, and at your service.

At the very front of the train, beyond a locked door and up a steep set of stairs, the helm platform stands buffeted by the barely leashed winds of Aino, the train's bound air elemental. Broad windows open out past the stabilizing vanes and onto the surrounding lands. Metal grating creaks underfoot. A crackling loop of electricity -- the lightning reins -- hangs limp, awaiting the next person who dares set his or her will against the bound elemental.

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    About the Author

    Andrew G. Schneider always wanted to be a wizard when he grew up, but now instead of throwing fireballs, he makes magic with words. An author and freelance game designer, he also serves as Cormyr's writing director in the RPGA's Living Forgotten Realms. His recent credits include LFR's Gangs of Wheloon and Black Steel and Blue Fire, as well as work with a variety of small game studios. Andrew lives in his hometown in the Washington, DC area.