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Io'vanthorD&D Insider Article
Lost City of the Dragonborn
by Robert J. Schwalb

The long-lost dragonborn empire of Arkhosia once boasted one shining city after another, each a bastion of knowledge and evidence of the empire's might. No city stood taller among these than Io'vanthor. One of the few cities to survive the war with Bael Turath at least structurally intact, its denizens are now a darker sort -- evil factions pursuing dark and wicked deeds.

Far to the south, lost in the Trackless Wastes, rises a dun mountain, its once-jagged peak softened by relentless winds and scouring sands. Long ago, Io'vanthor stood for culture, innovation, and the rule of law, but treachery, corruption, and fathomless evil sullied its magnificent name. Wickedness reigns where once the Golden One ruled. Infernal legions, hellspawned kobolds, and aberrant abominations prowl its depths and battle for dominance on the steps where dragonborn philosophers debated the finer points of duty and honor. Death stalks its shadowed passages and defiles the memories and legends haunting it still. Nothing good comes from Io'vanthor, and those who roam its twisting streets and explore its shadowy ruins find only doom.

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    About the Author

    Robert J. Schwalb contributed design to such books as the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons, Manual of the Planes, P2: Demon Queen's Enclave, Martial Power, Player's Handbook 2, Eberron Campaign Guide, Eberron Player's Guide, and Adventurer's Vault 2 as well as numerous articles for D&D Insider. Robert lives in Tennessee.