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Keepers of the Celestian OrderD&D Insider Article
A Primal Power Organization
By Matthew Sernett

The Celestian Order guards the world against the threats of the Far Realms. Founded by a primal order years ago, its membership now includes heroes of every race and class. Learn more about the order and the power offered to its members here!

Some secrets you should learn only when you're ready, and some exist that none should know. Surely the world and the planes hold such hidden and dangerous truths, but no place holds so many as the mysterious Far Realm, and no creatures bear so much perilous knowledge as its denizens. Many who learn of the Far Realm go mad. Others taste its foulness and hunger for more, no doubt due to a madness already within them. Yet some who wade into a shallow understanding of the place beyond space stand firm at the shores of its unfathomable depths. The greatest among them would halt the tide of wrongness from that place, though all its evils might crash against them in endless waves. These are the members of the Celestian Order, and they are the light of the world.

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    About the Author

    Matthew Sernett has been a designer of 4th Edition, the editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine, a pizza cook, an onion packer, and an assembly line worker in a spring factory. In 1999, while working for Men's Health Magazine, he narrowly avoided being a wardrobe tracker in the male fashion industry.