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Dragon Lair Items
By Jennifer Clarke Wilkes

Adventurer’s Vault 2 introduces a new subset of wondrous items: lair items. Adventurers can add these magic items to their base of operations (or “lair”). They provide comforts when the party returns home after a difficult adventure and a home-field advantage against enemies who would dare assault them in their sanctum. Dragons, being lair-focused creatures, also make use of such items to improve the security of their hoards, to make their lairs more comfortable, and to enhance the pleasure of collecting specific sorts of treasure. Indeed, some dragons go a step further and transform potions of their hoards into lair enhancements.

In the time before time, even before the Dawn War, a fearsome primordial dubbed the Master of Tides, strode the planes. This entity was less patient even than its primordial kin; wherever it traveled, it ripped apart whatever structures it discovered, leaving raw entropy in its wake. Even the planes themselves offended its sense of chaos, and it tore rifts between them as it moved. When the war between the gods and primordials began, the Master of Tides was among the first the gods slew, for the gods especially feared its plane-spanning destruction.

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    About the Author

    Jennifer Clarke Wilkes has been editing just about everything at Wizards of the Coast since 1995, and does a fair bit of writing too. Her recent credits include Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, Divine Power, and Wizards Presents: Worlds and Monsters. When not editing, she is gaming and feeding her inner goblin.