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Winning Races: HumansD&D Insider Article
Pioneers and Crusaders
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland

With their ability to adapt and prosper in the most rugged terrain and the harshest of conditions, humans have an uncanny knack for putting aside petty differences and pooling their resources in times of great need—even if such truces last only as long as necessity dictates. While the dozens of scattered baronies, petty kingdoms, and free cities clash and collude in a game of alliances and rivalries that would make a drow matron proud, the game’s attrition only slows the races’ momentum. The question is not whether humans will build the next great empire—it is when.

If persistence were the only virtue, every human would become exalted. Thankfully, that is not the case.
—Quinsallas, archmage of the Spiral Tower

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    About the Author

    Born on a stormy Christmas day, in our nation’s capital, during the Nixon administration, the stars were definitely wrong when Stephen Radney-MacFarland came screaming into the world. Spending most of his impressionable years as a vagabond and ne’r-do-well, Stephen eventually settled in the Northwest to waste his life on roleplaying games.