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Channel Divinity: CorellonD&D Insider Article
The House of Flowers
By Andrew Schneider

Bards sing of the archfey known as the Rose King, who led an entire eladrin city in a grand crusade against the drow and their followers. The Rose King claimed to be the son of Corellon, and he convinced the city that it was their duty and their birthright to permanently resolve the problem of the drow. They began with the drow city of Irith Tal. The tales also report that Liria Valthorin, a young devotee of Corellon and handmaiden to the Rose King, was among the few who survived. Liria now has a network of spies throughout the world and Feywild, watching for those wronged by the drow and then recruiting them to her cause. She also keeps an eye out for martial-minded devotees of Corellon, talented sword wielders, and adventurers who have proven themselves against the drow.

Hate the drow? Don’t be ridiculous. How can you hate something that has no place in the world? Their entire existence was an accident—a mistake— and it is up to us to correct it.

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    About the Author

    Andrew G. Schneider always wanted to be a wizard when he grew up, but now instead of throwing fireballs, he makes magic with words. An author and freelance game designer, he also serves as Cormyr’s writing director for Living Forgotten Realms. Andrew lives in his hometown in the Washington, D.C. area.