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Turaglas, the Ebon MawD&D Insider Article
Demonomicon of Iggwilv
By Ari Marmell

Turaglas is a horror without fixed shape, an enormous tide of viscous flesh replete with a hundred mouths of every shape and size. Its form constantly shifts and moves, and ranges from flesh-pink to sickly green to the pallid gray of a rotting corpse. Those unfortunate enough to stare into one of its gaping maws see nothing but teeth of bone and iron and an endless corridor of blood and blackened flesh. Turaglas is the grotesque embodiment of the Abyss's chaotic fury and ravening hunger.

Lo, here I stand upon Abyssal verge, bottomless vast that would all things consume. Batten it upon all life, all light, all souls, still never be it slaked. An eternal hunger that can never die, into far worlds it reaches, always seeking, ever feasting. Cry "Demon!" Cry "Devourer!" Cry "Ebon Maw!" Name it as you will, it heeds not your names. He needs only you, and yours, and all your world. Eternal hunger that can never die, never be it slaked. For it is the Abyss, and it is he, and all that is, is naught but its provender.

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    About the Author

    Ari Marmell was born in New York, moved to Houston when he was a year old, moved to Austin when he was 27, but has spent most of his life living in other worlds through a combination of writing and roleplaying games. He has been writing more or less constantly for the last dozen years, though he has only been paid for it the past five. He is the author of multiple roleplaying game supplements including work on Dungeons & Dragons. Ari lives in Austin with his wife, George, and two cats. Look for Agents of Artifice, the new novel from Ari Marmell -- out now!