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Hall of the Frostmaiden
by Brian R. James

The goddess Auril commands a land of harsh, perpetual winter. Her domain periodically touches the mortal world, bringing with it magical blizzards of intense severity and sometimes trapping the unwary wanderer within. Explore Auril's Hall and the lands surrounding it in this new installment of Realmslore!

Beyond the ken of most mortals exists an other-worldly dominion of fantastic terrain dominated by untamed wilderness and populated by all manner of feral beasts and faerie folk. The Deep Wilds epitomizes the raw, unfettered force of nature -- a savage expanse that liberates the spirit and brings out the beast in all who spend too much time there.

About the Author

A software engineering manager by day and Forgotten Realms loremaster by night, Brian R. James authored the Grand History of the Realms and more recently Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead. He also contributed to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide and continues to serve up new Realmslore through D&D Insider and Candlekeep Compendium.