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The Whispering GladeD&D Insider Article
An Adventure Locale for Characters of Levels 5-7
by Steve Winter

“The Whispering Glade” is a trio of encounters set at a single location that you can drop into any larger adventure or cross-country journey. The glade is a small clearing in an otherwise dense woods. Clearings are few and far between in this wilderness, making this an ideal spot to camp. But when the characters begin poking around where they're not wanted, they draw the attention of forces that threaten to overwhelm them. "The Whispering Glade" places characters of levels 12-14 in a suddenly and deceptively dangerous situation.

You are vaguely aware of a faint, directionless sound in the glade. When the wind rustles the trees, the sound can’t be distinguished from the sighing branches. Only when the wind drops can this sound be picked out. It may be nothing more than a breeze through the leaves, but it also has a vocal quality, like a distant whisper.

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    About the Author

    Steve Winter has been publishing D&D in one form or another since 1981, making him one of the longest-lasting full-timers in the RPG industry. He’s had a dream job for 30 years and thoroughly enjoys it.