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The Hanging City
by Will Hindmarch

Diyun is known to travelers as the Hanging City. Visitors marvel at its cliffside rope bridges and gawk at its many hanging prison cells, temporary homes to ruffians, spies, thieves, and, worst of all, gambling cheats. She is a city built on vice; her two true loves are food and gaming, and she overindulges in both. Diyun is a crossroads for some and a destination for others.

Welcome, travelers, to the Hanging City! Mind your step, and keep one hand on something solid—like your wits! Step right up, enter my lift, just a coin per head for a scenic ride to the top. Beats scaling the stairs, if you don’t mind me saying. The finest gaming houses await you at the top of this chain, ready to challenge a clever sort like yourself. And welcome, one and all, to Diyun!

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    About the Author

    Will Hindmarch is a freelance writer and game developer whose work has appeared in numerous pen-and-paper roleplaying games, board games, and video games over the past decade. He is also co-founder of Gameplaywright Press and a periodic contributor to The Escapist magazine. Do not talk to him about zeppelins or we will be here all day.