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Griffon and Wyvern
Monster Manual Update
Logan Bonner

This article series revisits monsters from the Monster Manual, providing them with additional background and story. In addition, the articles present the monsters in the revised statistics block format that first appeared widely in Monster Manual 3. The monsters have had some minor updates to powers and to some of their statistics, including attack, damage, and defense values. These changes in statistics generally reflect the updates that appear on page 7 in the Dungeon Master’s Guide rules update. This iteration of the article includes the Griffon and Wyvern.


Griffons combine the strongest traits of swift-winged birds of prey and hunting beasts of the land. Their greatest assets are their brawny bodies and their acute senses that let them pick up on the slightest sound and see clearly for miles. A lone griffon can take down an elephant, or carry a horse and its rider back to the nest to eat. Griffons hunting in packs give armies pause.

Griffon (280 Kbs PDF)


Wyverns are suited to hunting and nothing else. Their poisonous tail stings, strong jaws, sleek wings, and powerful legs put them at the top of the food chain. They nest on rocky mountainsides and swoop down to grab prey from nearby forests and plains. Wyverns are deadly and efficient, but bestial and stupid. They’re capable hunters because of their phys- ical attributes rather than their cunning. Wyverns don’t make plans or form alliances. They just survive.

Wybern (283 Kbs PDF)

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